Interview with 8bitstudio’s Director

CEOCFO: Mr. Schroeder, what is the idea behind 8bitstudio?

Mr. Schroeder: 8bitstudio was founded in 2005. The idea behind 8bitstudio hasn’t changed since we first began. Simply put, we set out to provide businesses and organizations superior websites. I saw a need in a fast growing and lasting industry, organizations were settling for mediocre websites. 8bitstudio was created to deliver websites that would perform and surpass our clients expectations.

CEOCFO: How has that played out? What is the focus for you right now?

Mr. Schroeder: The core of 8bitstudio still remains the same; high quality, result driven superior websites. As our team of talented and creative individuals continues to grow, so does our capabilities. With that growth, we’re now able to offer more robust, complex solutions to companies of all sizes. It’s still in our vision to support “mom & pop” companies but our capabilities have grown beyond a standard website and we’re now venturing into more complex web application development.

CEOCFO: What do you understand about website development that perhaps others do not?

Mr. Schroeder: Our team and I have spent a lot of time building our process to be unique. I believe what makes us unique is that we don’t just build websites, we carefully craft them. Extreme attention to detail and craftsmanship is a must on every project we take on. 8bitstudio is not looking for projects, rather clients who we feel will be compatible with our company culture and the creative people who work here. We interview our clients in the same fashion they are interviewing us and not every relationship or project is a perfect fit. We’re not afraid to be honest about that. It’s in the best interest of everyone involved in a web project to discover compatibility upfront rather than mid project. Strategy is one of the most important aspects of a project and working with clients that trust us will help slingshot strategy in a very positive direction.

CEOCFO: Are clients coming to you because they understand the difference?

Mr. Schroeder: I believe our clients come to 8bitstudio because they sense a difference. Whether they understand specifics or not I can’t say. I do believe that after they see our work, speak with myself, or with other individuals that will be involved in their project they begin to get a sense of how incredible it could potentially be to work with our company. I believe searching for a website agency you can trust is one of the most daunting tasks. There are rarely guarantees and worse you have to weed through “web design companies” on every city block. I believe when a potential client finds us, they sense a creative freshness and that draws them in. When you pair that with our Minnesota nice, caring personalities you realize we’re extremely trustworthy and deliver what we promise.

CEOCFO: Once you create a website, do you continue working with a company to maintain or host the site?
What follows the design?

Mr. Schroeder: After a website is launched, we offer support for our clients. The websites or web applications are typically hosted on our server environment so that we can assure performance and continually monitor them. The industry is quickly changing and many of our clients are asking to manage their own website. They want to keep the site fresh and current without the added expense of paying 8bitstudio to perform these basic content updates. Recently we developed and now integrate additional tools that take WordPress CMS beyond its default capabilities. Our clients now have tools at their fingertips to create online presentations, add interactions, animations, and may more features. The tools we’ve built into WordPress also allow them to drag and drop sections of their site around to easily perfect their online presentation. We provide training on using the technology as well as educate them on general UX/UI best practices. 8bitstudio is always available to perform these updates for clients that don’t find it cost effective to manage their own site, in fact we prefer to take care of this for the client. With that said, there is a big difference between adding content to a site and presenting content on a website. We also provide all the maintenance and support necessary to keep their everything running healthy.

CEOCFO: Might you provide that technology or license it out to others?

Mr. Schroeder: At this point we are not entertaining that idea. This sets us apart in a world of thousands of website companies claiming they can build great websites. Our slogan is “Create A Superior Website” and it’s a joint effort from our client and the development team here at 8bitstudio to make that happen using the tools and methods we’ve created. I believe there are many website companies that are working toward the same goal and we will continue to strive to improve the way our clients interact with the management tools of their website.

CEOCFO: Are your clients primarily local in Minnesota?

Mr. Schroeder: They are. I would say about 80% of them are local to Minnesota. We do have clients across the USA as well as a few overseas. 8bitstudio is just over 10 years old; 2005 is when we started. Our reach continues to rapidly expand and I’m excited and honored to have worked with the organizations who’ve put their trust in 8bitstudio. Minneapolis remains to be a key target market for us and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. We will continue to target other larger cities when the time is right.

CEOCFO: Why is this the time to expand your horizons?

Mr. Schroeder: For starters, our team and capabilities are constantly improving. When I started 10 years ago, there were more limitations to what 8bitstudio was capable of creating. The talented people at 8bitstudio are making it possible to expand and it’s both exciting and challenging at the same time. We all love a good challenge here and expanding horizons is one that we won’t turn down.

“It all comes down to our slogan, “Create A Superior Website.” 8bitstudio and its employees are passionate about being unique and creative. Our team doesn’t just work for a paycheck, they work because they love a good challenge.”- Matthew Schroeder

CEOCFO: When you are strategizing and starting to create a site, how do you weigh trends, industry, and the type of people for which you are working? How do you keep personal preferences out? How does it all come together?

Mr. Schroeder: Nobody knows our clients’ businesses better than they do. Every new project starts off with a kickoff survey. I often refer to it as a personality test for the organization we will be working with. This survey gives us a really good starting point because we get a feel for the culture within their organization and who they are. Remember we’re looking to make sure they are a good fit for us as well. We work very closely with the business leadership and marketing directors to make sure that our team has a strong impression of where the client desires to be prior to development. This open communication between 8bitstudio and the client assure we’re all on the same page. Every industry needs to present itself in a unique way, similar to how a band may present themselves on a stage. We spend ample time researching and analyzing the lighting we want to shine on our clients. When doing this research, we try not to limit ourselves to that specific industry. Instead, we’ll often branch out and present ideas that may be more bold than a client initially envisions. I feel it’s our job to be creative and contribute to the advertisement aspects of the website project. Personal preferences are not kept out, instead they are shared during brainstorming and discussed amongst our team. From there we narrow down the best options for client presentation.

CEOCFO: Put it together for our readers. Why choose 8bitstudio?

Mr. Schroeder: It all comes down to our slogan, “Create A Superior Website.” 8bitstudio and its employees are passionate about being unique and creative. Our team doesn’t just work for a paycheck, they work because they love a good challenge. The number one bit of feedback that we receive from our clients is “Wow it was so different working with your team than any other experience we have had with past web companies.” That is something we are extremely proud of.

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