Project Deliverables

We collaborated with the innovative team from Kinuu to create a new website showcasing their flagship software product, connects users to a web app dashboard, and integrates an online registration & payment tool backed by Stripe.

About the Company

One of the benefits in this industry is coming across some incredible companies and organizations making a difference. We’ve had the opportunity to catch glimpses into transforming innovations that are making a big impact, so when Kinuu came our way and shared the story behind BrainyAct, a revolutionary therapeutic video game designed for children with disabilities & restoring hope to families, we felt honored to get behind them and create a website solution that equally represented their mission.

Ground Zero Objectives

More than just a flagship product, Kinuu’s well-rounded approach fuels and fosters a child’s learning capacity to change neurodevelopmental disorders. Our team was passionate about crafting a user experience reflecting this feat, engaging parents with a clean design & bold presentation to see the possibilities with BrainyAct.

Most importantly, this website needed to connect and relate to the visitor, knowing that the faces behind the product had walked in similar shoes and understood the difficult journey parents were faced with. Our goal was to get the user to see Kinuu “putting hope in motion” and feel compelled to join in. We’re thrilled that the masterminds behind Kinuu now have the platform and voice they deserve.

  • Upgrade & expand the site from a single page scrollable site to a multi-page site with dedicated inner pages
  • Create a modern full-screen global menu
  • Incorporate an online registration & payment tool for parents to sign up children for BrainyAct Pilot Programs
  • Integrate login functionality for parents to access BrainyAct account and dashboard
  • Showcase the Kinuu story, scientific research/development, and team behind the BrainyAct product
  • Educate parents about the BrainyAct product details and therapeutic benefits
  • Video testimonials of parents expressing their child’s success by playing the BrainyAct video games