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8bitstudio has been a gathering place for creative minds. No matter the size of project or company, our goal has always been to offer a high level of quality and professionalism in all ventures.

We pour ourselves into every project because we care about enjoying life. The effort we put into our clients’ websites gives everyone the opportunity to seize every moment to the fullest.

What matters

01 Communication

Business can't progress without a clear exchange of ideas and collaboration. We're prompt in responding to emails and phone calls so our clients aren't left waiting. We expect the same from everyone.

02 Budgets

No matter the size of the project, we assist our clients in determining a realistic budget and always strive to offer excellent quality to hit their goals.

03 Respect

Every working relationship is a two-way street, and everybody's time is precious. We work together with our clients to achieve a harmony and understanding so everyone is satisfied.

04 Innovation

We're always looking forward, and watching for new methods to both web and business. We look for partners that likewise push the envelope in their field in unique ways.

Top Web Development Company

Our dedication to our work has paid off over the years. 8bitstudio has been interviewed and selected as a featured web designer and developer across the Minneapolis area.

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